Brandall Lovvorn introduced Lynn Clarke to speak to Rotary about her 4th mission trip to Honduras.  Five years ago the Rotary Foundation gave a $50,000 grant to the Atlanta Rotary Club to install a computer lab in a middle school in a remote part of Honduras, the Agalta Valley in Northeastern Honduras.  Lynn went with Atlanta Rotarians and other business leaders from around the country four years ago to help install the computer lab and continues to go each year to make sure the computer lab can continue to be a sustainable project that will benefit the children of the area.  For the first couple of years, it seemed little progress was made, but last year with the addition of a trained teacher, it seemed that the students really started to understand the purpose of a computer.  There were and continue to be issues with internet speed and cost, but the children are learning to use computer programs that will allow them to be competitive with children in more advanced countries.  Other projects were worked on over the last few years, including installation of concrete floors in homes, latrines, many sewing machines supplied by Rotary, including lessons in sewing.  Some members of the group work on music project and art projects with the students.  Coach Vince Dooley, of Georgia bulldog fame, has gone with the group for the last 3 years, so last year the group worked on a soccer field that was dedicated this year as Dooley Field.  Even the President of Honduras flew up to assist in the dedication of the field and praised Rotarians for the work they were doing in the Agalta Valley. This year the main project for the group was a pedestrian bridge spanning the new highway that was a dirt road only 4 years ago.  The group hand-mixed over 50,000 pounds of concrete for the footings for the bridge.  The bridge is actually being built in Tennessee and will be shipped to Honduras and reassembled in Honduras in August of this year.  The group is looking forward to seeing the finalized bridge upon their return next March.