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3572016GRSP Newsletter May 2016 (2016)We are now at the pointy end of the year, all done with school and on to travel; some of us are even home. It has been really great getting to know each and every one of you and you should seriously expect em to just appear anytime because I've gone on an adventure! You are welcome to do the same to me!NewslettersGRSP, newsletter, District 6900 Conference, District 6920 Conference, Oglethorpe University, Sweden, Hungarypdf
3562016GRSP Newsletter April 2016 (2016)Welcome to the April issue of the GRSP newsletter. If you have anything you would like to contribute in the future, please let me know. It's not long now before we are all on adventures travelling, or heading back home.
It is incredible how fast this time has gone, and it is surreal to think that there will soon be a time where we won't catch up on a student weekend. However, I'm sure we will be able to arrange our own around the world!
NewslettersGRSP, Newsletter, Camden County Student Weekend, 6910 District Conference, Berry College, Georgia Southern, Germanypdf
3552016GRSP Newsletter March 2016 (2016)Welcome to the March issue of the GRSP newsletter. If you have anything you would like to contribute in the future please let me know.
We have all bee on some sort of adventure on Spring Break and are looking forward to the next student weekend.
I was in Houston visiting a friend where we went to NASA, the Houston Rodeo and we also went to Austin. The rodeo was a really great experience and I had an amazing time.
NewslettersGRSP, newsletter, San Francisco, College of Coastal Georgia, Valdosta State, Sri Lanka, Pakistanpdf
3542016GRSP Newsletter February 2016 (2016)Welcome to the February issue of the GRSP newsletter. If you have anything you would like to contribute in the future please let me know.
Now we are all back into the swing of things with classes and planning future travels and adventures for spring break.
GRSP, Newsletter, 2016, Dalton State College, Georgia State, University of Georgia, Iceland, Englandpdf
243Informational Video on GRSP 2015Video on Georgia Rotary Student Program 2015GRSP Trustee
2422016-2017 School Tuition CostsLetter from Terry Gordon, Statistical Table for Tuition costs and allocations and Commitment FormGRSP Trusteetuition; allocation; GRSP
241GRSP Trustee TimelineTimeline for TrusteesGRSP TrusteeGRSP; timeline: trusteedocx
2402016GRSP Newsletter 12-15 (2016)GRSP Newsletter December 2015Newsletters, GRSP TrusteeGRSP; newsletterpdf
239GRSP Trustee AssignmentsTrustee contact information and listing of clubs each trustee is responsible forGRSP TrusteeGRSP; trusteexlsx
238GRSP PrimerInformation about GRSPGRSP TrusteeGRSPdoc
237GRSP Trustee Contact ListContact List for GRSP TrusteesGRSP; trustee
2212016GRSP Newsletter 09-15 (2016)GRSP Newsletter 09-15NewslettersGRSP; newsletterpdf
2202016GRSP Newsletter 10-15 (2016)GRSP NewsletterNewslettersGRSP; newsletterpdf
2192016GRSP Newsletter 11-15 (2016)GRSP NewsletterNewslettersGRSPpdf
1702014 Golf Tournament SpreadsheetGolf Tournament Spreadsheet for 2014xlsx
1692015 Golf Tournament SpreadsheetGolf Tournament Spreadsheet for 2015xlsx
168BrochureThe Brochure for the 2015 Bremen Rotary Golf Tournamentdocx
167Committed AdvertisersThe Excel sheet shows the list of Committed Advertisers for the 2015 Golf Tournament.